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We make FDA compliance easy for over 1,000 clients worldwide. Our case studies and client comments say it all.


Suggested Services: Nutrition Facts Panels and Ingredient Statements (or Full Label Compliance), Ongoing Regulatory Support

Certified Organic Bakery Sprouts Savings — A Case Study

Marketing a food product with a unique ingredient poses significant challenges as getting accurate nutrition information can be a costly and labor-intensive process. Find out how a leading supplier of certified organic products streamlined their operations which not only saved time and money but also improved their customer service in this case study.


Consistent Food Labels for Major National Retailer’s Private Label Vendors — A Case Study

Managing a large, private label brand that spans many categories has its challenges. Ensuring that nutritional information and food labels are consistent, accurate, and compliant across hundreds of suppliers and products is essential. Read about how a major national retailer ensured regulatory compliance with food labels and packaging from a large number of product suppliers in this case study.

Client Comments

"Food Consulting Company has consistently provided us with reliable, usable label and regulatory information, quickly, and always with the patience we look for in a quality service provider."
       Phil Brooks, Jones Soda

"Food Consulting Company, you are worth your weight in gold! The online information bank you created for our sales team with all the Nutrition Facts Panels and Ingredient Statements you've ever done for us is superb. THANK YOU!!"

       Kristi Arend, Golden County Foods

"Just a quick email to let you know that this newsletter is absolutely fantastic! It saves me so much time, it's wonderful. 'Guten Tag!' from Germany."
       Diana Michiulis, Kraft Foods R&D Munich, Inc.

More Client Comments


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