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We make FDA compliance easy for over 1,000 clients worldwide. Our case studies and client comments say it all.


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Client Comments

"I feel very secure knowing you are on my team."
       Jeffrey Leibfreid, Cactu-Life

"From my brief conversation and after reviewing the newsletters on the website, it is obvious that Food Consulting Company knows labeling requirements from top to bottom."
     James H. McFerrin, Legal Counsel

"The services provided by Food Consulting are essential to my client. I don't know how we would function without you."
     Marian Harding Cochran, Corporate Counsel

"I couldn't do my job without your newsletter. It's invaluable."
     Kimberly Lord Stewart, author of "Eating Between the Lines, a field guide to supermarket food labeling" (St. Martin's Press, Jan. 2007)

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