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For food manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, understanding food label regulations can be overwhelming. There are many specific rules, FDA/USDA differences as well as nuances for package sizes and claims. Let us help you navigate the regulations and develop 100% compliant labels for your products.

Case Studies


  Certified Organic Bakery Sprouts Savings



The Client

For over 20 years, Alvarado Street Bakery has been a global supplier of certified organic whole grain breads and bagels made with sprouted wheat. Alvarado Street Bakery, through its worker-owned cooperative structure, uses whole grain and organic ingredients wherever possible to support sustainable agricultural practices and healthy living.  The company has received multiple awards for its valuable contributions to both the economy and the environment.

The Challenge

Fifteen years ago, nutritional data bases did not include information for sprouted wheat. To ensure compliant food labels, Alvarado Street Bakery performed lab analysis for each new variety of bread. The process was both time-consuming and costly as the company mailed loaves of bread back and forth to an out of town laboratory for analysis. In addition, the unique “flour-less” organic ingredients require extra attention to detail to steer through regulatory requirements.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company offered a more cost-effective and resource-friendly approach to develop nutrition data and Nutrition Facts Panels for sprouted wheat products.  They helped create a standardized nutrient profile for this novel ingredient so that future lab analysis for each new finished product would not be required. In addition to significant cost savings and faster turn-around time, Food Consulting Company gives the bakery more confidence in its nutritional information.

Over the past 15 years, Food Consulting Company has continued to help Alvarado Street Bakery with all of the company’s labeling projects and regulatory needs including nutritional facts panels, unique customer requests, and guidance to target desired nutritional claims with specific formulations.

The Results

Working with Food Consulting Company has saved Alvarado Street Bakery both time and money. Food Consulting Company makes the process easy from labeling on product packaging to ingredient specification sheets to staying up-to-date on label regulations. The bakery rests assured that their product documentation is accurate and packing is FDA compliant.

Food Consulting Company has also helped Alvarado Street Bakery be more responsive to its customers. When asked for an extended nutrient profile for an urgent customer deadline, Food Consulting Company can turn on a dime to address issues and opportunities. In addition, the bakery appreciates the 24/7 access to all of its completed work files on a secure web portal. This allows for quick access to react to customers requests – even if away from office computers. The perspective from those who work with Food Consulting Company daily: They make Alvarado Street Bakery “look good.”

Alvarado Street Bakery stays informed on food labeling regulations through Food Consulting Company’s e-newsletter, Food Label News, and their insightful project comments. The bakery turns to Food Consulting Company to help make the right choices for regulatory compliance.

"No matter how many different sizes and slices, Food Consulting Company takes the stress out of nutrition facts labeling."
— Michelle Zimmerman, Labeling Manager, Alvarado Street Bakery


Ancient Chinese Tradition At Home in Los Angeles



The Client

When it comes to celebrating the Moon Festival each Autumn, Chinese residents of L.A. feel right at home. Kee Wah Bakery has kept alive the Chinese tradition of eating mooncakes in the months before the Moon Festival since 1938 when the company began selling in Hong Kong. Now with four locations in the L.A. area, the family owned and operated bakeries delight Chinese customers with many varieties of the freshly baked, seasonal delicacy. Mooncakes, sweet pastries filled with lotus paste, ham and mixed nuts or pineapple paste, feature one to five duck egg yolks that resemble the moon. Kee Wah sells mooncakes in their own bakeries (retail) and also wholesales them to others.

The Challenge

Expanding mooncake distribution beyond wholesale and entering the retail market was a new venture for Kee Wah Bakeries. Janice Wong, the family’s third generation in the business, knew she needed accurate nutrition information for retail packaging but was not sure how to get it and then how to create food labels that she could be sure were compliant. Ms. Wong sought guidance about food label basics: label format, size and type of font, allergy statement, etc. as well as finished Nutrition Facts labels for her products.

A specific challenge was to accurately assess the nutrition value for duck egg yolks, the featured ingredient in mooncakes, but not very common in U.S. foods.

The Solution

Kee Wah Bakeries learned about Karen Duester from Food Consulting Company and contacted her right away. The process began with a review of mooncake formulas and samples. A combination of database analysis and research was used to determine accurate values for all of the ingredients. Food Consulting Company conducted specialized research on duck egg yolks in particular to determine nutrition values for this rarely used ingredient that has little benchmark information.

As a service for clients, Food Consulting Company also inventoried all formulas in a database, enabling easy access in the future when new labels were required.

The Results

Since Kee Wah Bakeries first reached out to Food Consulting Company in 2001, the companies have worked together for many moons creating labels for over 30 products. Food Consulting Company’s practice of archiving formula and nutrition data for clients has made updating Nutrition Facts labels very efficient, whether for a new size like mini mooncakes or new flavors.

For example, to comply with new facts label regulations, Food Consulting Company can quickly access mooncake formulas and determine the values for information that is now required: added sugars, potassium values, fiber content, serving size, and other important aspects for the label

"It’s so easy to get labels redone. Food Consulting Company remembers me and my products so it’s quick and easy to get the job done. They work very efficiently, without needing to go back and forth to clarify issues. The team is pretty clear about what their customers want and execute it quickly without any errors."
— Janice Wong, Corporate Manager, Kee Wah Bakery

 Replacement Product Gets Expanded Nutrition Labels


The Client

Infinity is a food manufacturer that creates branded products for retail. They are known for working closely with their clients to develop innovative ideas that turn into successful product lines. From concept to product R&D to manufacturing and packaging, Intevation delivers reliable service at every step, earning the respect and loyalty of some of the industry’s largest retailers and brand manufacturers.

The Challenge

Infinity reached out to Food Consulting Company to handle unique product labeling for a major retail store. The retailer requested that an existing product be replaced with one reformulated to be free of partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) and also requested expanded nutrition information. All new packaging was required.

The Solution

Food labelers at Infinity asked for help from Food Consulting Company, their “go to” nutrition company. Given Food Consulting Company’s expertise, they created and delivered Nutrition Facts and ingredient statements quickly and professionally. When the retailer requested extra nutrition information after the labels were developed, our team was able to address their needs right away.

The Results

Working with Food Consulting Company enabled Infinity Foods to keep its important customer satisfied and quicken the approval process for the replacement product. The primary goal was to get the requested information to the retailer and proceed with long lead time packaging. While the new product has not yet launched, Food Consulting Company was instrumental in keeping the package development on schedule. Accurate food labels continue to be a very critical component launching a new product, even if it is a replacement for an existing product. Infinity Foods staff agreed that the Food Consulting Company team was highly professional, delivered materials in a timely manner, and gave Infinity Foods and the retailer full confidence that the final product was accurate and met all FDA food labeling regulations.

“I have used the services of Food Consulting Company at my past position at another food manufacturer. I was so pleased with the results that one of the first things I did in my new position was to bring on their services. What a great addition to our team!”
— Kristi Arend, Director of Quality Assurance, Infinity Foods


More Client Comments

"Thank you for the thorough analysis and quick turn around of our labels. All points have been implemented and we are already moving forward to final artwork. Your team is easy to do business with…."
Jay Highman,
Nature's One
"I would (and have) wholeheartedly recommend these folks to any company seeking accurate nutritional information or labeling advice. They have always been open and honest when discussing product development issues and new product launches.  We are very satisfied with their abilities and the expertise and the attention they give to our many projects."
Michael Girkout,
Alvarado Street Bakery
"Entering the fast, confusing retail food market is a dark and scary experience, but rest assured that the experts at Food Consulting Company can help guide you every step of the way. I cannot imagine going to market without the Food Consulting group on your team."
Daniel R. Hughes,
"As a Brand Holder of a beverage product we rely exclusively on our suppliers, from ingredients to labels, from production to testing. Food Consulting Company has consistently provided us with reliable, usable label and regulatory information, quickly, and always with the patience we look for in a quality service provider. Every month this service is supported with valuable information in the Food Label News email that allows us to plan ahead. Thanks to all the staff at Food Consulting."
Phil Brooks,
Director of Technical Services,
Jones Soda
"Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I am quite proud of what we created and will be sure to let our team know that you provide great services should we need future guidance or project work."
Tara DelloIacono,
Nutrition Strategist / Dietitian,
Clif Bar & Company
"Just a note to say this month's issue (of Food Label News) is fabulous. The information about trans fat and sodium is in language that I can share and be sure that R&D and Marketing will understand what is going on."
Penny Hennessy,
Manager, QA & Regulatory Affairs,
Rich SeaPak
"Thanks so much, you are always a pleasure to work with."
Gary Abramowitz,
Fresh Tofu Inc.
"Thank you so much for your help, thoroughness and for taking the extra step. We appreciate your professionalism and are happy with your work."
Ed Hsu,
Quality Specialist,
JSL Foods
"First of all, I want to say how much I enjoy the monthly issues of Food Label News. I look forward to each edition. Personally and professionally, I find the newsletter to be quite timely and informative as to what's happening in the world of food regulations."
Mike Davis,
Quality Manager,
Bakery Chef
"Thank you for directing me to your newsletter, Food Label News. I found the answer to my question and only wished I had looked there a couple of weeks ago. Very helpful!"
Mark Wilcox,
Whole Grain Corporation
"Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The information in the Label Layout Instructions memo is extremely valuable to me and the updated nutrition information looks great. Thank you again!"
Ruth Wahnon,
R&C International Commerce
"Your company is a pleasure to do business with. The method of communication for initiating and working through projects is very streamlined and professional."
Russell Nabors,
Labeling and Specifications Manager,
Lopez Foods, Inc.
"You came through with flying colors delivering my work a few days earlier than what was expected! I am very pleased and look forward to launching new products with you in the very near future. Thank you!"
Jeffray Gardner,
President & CEO,
Marsatta Fancy Chocolates
"Thank you for helping us understand what our group has struggled with for so long. You made it seem so simple."
Becky Kingery,
Quality Coordinator,
Endangered Species Chocolate
"We got it right the first time because of your excellent instructions and other resources. Thank you!"
Steve Lombardi,
Export Manager,
Pik-Nik Foods, USA
"Thank you very much. The label review was extremely clear and helpful. Your added value and quick turnaround are highly appreciated."
Gilles A. Deloux,
"I so wish I had the wealth of information from LinkedIn's Food Label Community five years ago as I began on this unexpected journey into the food labeling regulatory world. Just knowing what a CFR was and how to use it is key and no one really teaches that basic knowledge. I am grateful that I have this group of food labeling specialists to help me find my way!"
Jonette Schue,
Packaging Development Specialist,
Faribault Foods, Inc.
"I am learning so much from the food labeling group on LinkedIn, led by your staff. Thank you!"
Carol Long,
Legal Assistant,
I was very happy with your speed and quality of work. I will be coming back to you for more labeling services.
Shohei Takahashi,
Ajishoku Foods
"We couldn’t be without Food Consulting Company. FDA regulatory compliance is critically important for a new category — as important as the engine is to the car. We only had one shot to get it right and they ensured we were well prepared. Avitae Caffeinated Water has been extremely successful and the Food Consulting team played an instrumental role in this success."  
Brian Pitzer,
Vitality Distributing, Inc.
"Sundia has used the services of the Food Consulting Company on many varied occasions and I have found their work to be thorough, on-time, reasonable and meets expectations."
Dan Hoskins,
Chief Operating Officer,
Sundia Corporation
"Love your newsletter! I really appreciated all the regulatory roundup links in this particular issue (February 2017). Keep up the good work!"
Richard Young,
Labeling & Regulatory Specialist,
JTM Food Group
"The Retained Regulatory Support provided by Food Consulting Company is way beyond what we hoped for. Their responses and solutions are clear, detailed and complete. They have always been accessible to every question I may have. In addition, I see many within their group leading industry-wide conversations about labeling regulations — this is a huge contribution to educating industry at large. Thank you for your great work."
Jeff Taylor,
Regulatory Compliance Senior Scientist,
Bush Brothers & Company
"I find your monthly newsletter, Food Label News, very helpful. Thanks for having such a great resource available."
Rob Bradley,
Quality/Product Development/Technical Systems,
Family Fresh Pack
Your Food Label Community on LinkedIn is a fantastic resource, and I'm certain everyone in the community is very grateful to Food Consulting Company for hosting it. Thanks so much!
Brian Kroening,
Senior Regulatory Manager,
This group is fantastically smart, knowledgeable and helpful. Reading and following all of the time. Great job and so helpful!
Joyce Rhubart,
Butterball, Inc.
"I would like to thank you for your prompt and detailed response of the projects that my company sent to you. We will definitely be utilizing the broad array of services that you provide in the near and distant future. Thanks for everything that you've done."
Jeremy Hibbs,
Quality Control Specialist,
Byesville Aseptics LLC
"Great job, as always! As you know, we have worked with you since your earliest days... 18 years and counting. Great folks, excellent service, and we know we can count on you for accuracy!"
M. Peter Thomson,
New England Country Foods LLC
"Food Consulting Company has always gone the extra mile to help us provide our customers with accurate, understandable information. I really have enjoyed working with them, and have recommended FoodLabels.com to many others."
Dan Holtz,
Vice President & Co-Founder,
Liz Lovely
"I received the labels, thank you very much for your services in helping us sort out our laboratory data and creating the bilingual Nutrition Facts panels we needed. I’m appreciating your help. We are very satisfied with your company."
Arlene Domínguez,
Quality Specialist,
Industria Lechera of Puerto Rico Indulac
"I sold my business and retired in April of this year. I know I wasn't your largest customer, but you always treated me and my business with importance and respect. I am thankful for you and your service over the years and am most appreciative for all your help and friendship. Thank you again for everything!"
Ted Stebbins,
Ted Stebbins Distributing Company
"This report (for one-time regulatory support) is great and comes in very handy... we will definitely be back for future questions on other products."
Elva Charles,
VP Government Contracts,
Sterling Foods, LLC
"Thanks Food Consulting Company. This (final label review) is really helpful and exactly what I hoped for."  
Amy Ramm,
"Just wanted to let you know Meals to Live has gone from concept to product to store shelves. The diabetes-friendly product line has many gluten free items that are lower in sodium yet taste great! Meals to Live products are in over 2000 stores now (and growing) after launching in Publix (Florida). Thanks again for your extremely helpful insights into our labeling challenges!!!"
Jennifer Neily, MS, RD, CSSD, LD,
Meals to Live
"Too many thanks!!! We're so happy we got this back so quickly. When you do the work, we know it's done right! All the best."
Luda Sery,
QA Manager,
Joe Corbi's Wholesale Pizza, Inc