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Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels - Special Situations

Single Serve Packages (one serving per container)

May omit "Servings Per Container"; may also omit metric weight for "Serving Size" when included on front label


Nutrition Facts Label #10
Single-serve small-sized
package (<40 sq in) without:
- "Servings Per Container"
- metric for "Serving Size"


Simplified Format (optional when eight or more nutrients have a 0 value)

"Not a significant source" required when voluntary nutrients are declared or claims are made on the label or in labeling


Nutrition Facts Label #11
Voluntary nutrients and/or claims

Nutrition Facts Label #12
No voluntary nutrients or

Dual Declaration (two columns of nutrition values within the same nutrition facts label)

Optional for foods requiring further preparation, typically eaten with another food, or to show an additional serving size

Nutrition Facts Label #13
Requires further preparation;
as purchased shown first

Nutrition Facts Label #14
Typically eaten with another food;
as purchased shown first

Nutrition Facts Label #15
More than one serving size;
required serving size shown first


Aggregate (for kits or variety packs)

Optional for foods packaged as a kit or variety pack

Nutrition Facts Label #16
Values for all components in the pack; composite shown first when applicable

Bilingual (English and another language)


Nutrition Facts Label #17
All required label components must be translated if any foreign language is used anywhere on
the label; applies only to products labeled for U.S.; not generally valid for foreign markets


Note: Food Consulting Company can prepare or review your nutrition facts label with our Nutrition Facts Label service. You receive print-ready artwork for your designer to position directly onto your package.

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